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Ever been tempted to attend a presentation?

With Lockdown coming to end and the prospect of being able to go on holiday again, you may be starting to think about this year’s much needed and well-deserved holiday.  But you will also notice an increase in holiday advertising and may even be tempted to attend a holiday club membership or timeshare presentation. They […]

What is the problem with timeshare?

Is it time to say goodbye to that timeshare you purchased years ago, or you felt pressured into purchasing, or perhaps you simply have not been able to use it, or you cannot for whatever reason? Well, it probably would not surprise you to know that there are more unhappy timeshare owners than happy satisfied […]

Timeshare owner stuck until 2084!

Over in Australia, a 66-year-old widower is desperately trying to get out of a timeshare contract she can no longer afford and has not used in years. Her and her husband signed up to a timeshare agreement in 1996 but since then the annual maintenance fees have gone from $153 a year to $912 a […]

Timeshare exit scams, what you need to know!

If you or anyone you know is seeking a way out of their timeshare or feels they were the victim of mis-selling and could make a claim for compensation against the resort, there are some important factors to consider before engaging the services of any individual or company and before you hand over any of […]

Warning about fake company cold-calling timeshare owners.

A consumer advocacy champion who writes for thisismoney.co.uk and regularly investigates customer complaints, is warning a company named JSD Group Limited has been cold calling timeshare owners claiming they have been mis-sold them. After some investigation into the company the paper reported that it was in fact registered to a man who is currently serving […]

What are the pros and cons of timeshare?

It’s not surprising to say that timeshares have attracted a lot of criticism over the years. They started off a great idea when the scheme was thought up many years ago. However as the industry has evolved it’s fair to say that timeshares have had to change to meet peoples changing needs, and some of […]

Diamond Resorts goes after another timeshare exit firm.

Timeshare giant Diamond Resorts has issued further proceedings against Pandora Marketing, a firm that have been marketing their timeshare exit services to consumers desperate to get rid of their timeshares. Diamond Resorts is no stranger to taking firms to court who purport helping people out of their timeshare burdens, and currently has 15 lawsuits against […]