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When is it the right time to get out of a timeshare?

For those that have been persuaded to attend a timeshare presentation most leave either confused and dazed about what they have signed up to or the buyer’s remorse sets in quickly. Many of these people go on to struggle for years to pay loans they have been persuaded into taking out to purchase the timeshare, […]

Another Timeshare Termination Company Taken to court

Over in the States, yet another fraudulent timeshare termination company has been identified by officials who have taken the company to task about their activities in defrauding customers. Martin Management operating out of Missouri, is accused of scamming timeshare owners across the United States. Investigators at the Attorney General’s office were alerted to the company […]

Warning about another scam company

The Better Business Bureau in the U.S is warning timeshare owners that a so-called exit company is running an unethical operation and victims are losing thousands of dollars. The Better Business Bureau is the UK equivalent of Trading Standards in The United States and rates businesses by performance and trustworthiness. For those looking to use […]

Are timeshares worth all the trouble?

If you are the sort of family or couple who enjoys taking a holiday at the same time and place every single year, year after year, then a timeshare might be right for you! Similarly, if you do not enjoy planning your own holiday and you prefer to chose from a limited experience selection and […]

Judge rules in favour of timeshare owner.

Over in the U.S. a judge has ruled in favour of a couple who legally gave away their timeshare after the resort refused to take it back and they failed to sell it on. Proving timeshares are almost impossible to get away from once you own, Mr and Mrs Riley were then sued by the […]

The Hidden Cost Of Owning a Timeshare

Whether you have attended a timeshare presentation or read all about timeshares, what they will not disclose to you is the true cost of owning a timeshare. These additional costs are hidden from you, and why would they tell you all about the negative aspects to ownership. They want you to buy, there and then. […]

Unhappy customer files lawsuit against timeshare resort

A consumer in the U.S has filed a lawsuit against Diamond Resorts and the Consumer reporting service Experian, after he attended a timeshare sales presentation. The complaint has been filed in Florida by a Charles Young, who alleges that after attending a Diamond Resorts presentation, for which he received a free gift, however declined purchasing […]