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Timeshare Resale Scammer Sentenced.

A 34-year-old scammer from Florida, has been sentenced after he conned 50 timeshare owners, also from Florida out of thousands of dollars each. Brandon Welsh has been sentenced to 11 months in a federal prison for setting up and executing a re-sale scam where he promised timeshare owners, he could sell them quickly in exchange […]

Diamond Resorts are targeting millennials

Timeshares are always thought of as an older person’s purchase, but as millennials have overtaken baby boomers in the workforce, so has their spending power. Meaning the timeshare industry must look for new ways to attract the next generation of travellers. If they fail to capture this market it could mean an end to the […]

Timeshare owners ask court to reverse decision.

In 2016 a couple from the U.S. filed a lawsuit against Marriott Vacation Club, which bought into question the way in which the resort is marketing and selling timeshare in the State of Florida. The suit alleges that from 2010 unwilling customers were duped into purchasing MVC points that the resort claimed were deeded purchases. […]

Two men jailed in nationwide timeshare scam.

Two men from the US have been sentenced to federal prison for their part in a timeshare scam that targeted and stole money from victims across the country. Ronald Carapellucci, 51, of Clearwater, was sentenced to six years in federal prison. Manuel Parrado, 47, of St. Petersburg, was sentenced to two years and six months […]

Officials warn timeshare scammers are targeting owners.

The Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) have issued a warning to timeshare owners after a surge of complaints from locals being scammed by people claiming to be able to buy and sell timeshares. Resale scams are nothing new but local authorities in Connecticut U.S. are concerned after several people reported losing money to them. Timeshare […]

Two timeshare giants, two very different stories.

This week Timeshare giant Hilton Grand Vacations has announced they will be letting go of 1,600 employees after putting them on unpaid furlough for six months during the Coronavirus outbreak. HGV placed the workers on furlough back in April when local lockdowns began and so far this year the company has reported losses of $123 […]

Lawsuit filed against fraudulent timeshare exit company

The attorney general for Arkansas has described how a timeshare exit company operating in the U.S has been acting in a fraudulent manner to dishonestly take fees from timeshare owners who are desperate to end their contracts. The company is being sued under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act for charging exorbitant fees to clients but […]

Why do timeshare resorts discredit everyone?

Timeshare resorts don’t like claims companies, or, in fact, any company which might help you be released from the onerous burden of your timeshare contract. Why would they? They don’t want you to end your timeshare agreement they want you to continue paying the maintenance fees every year. So it is not surprising that timeshare […]

Fraudsters con timeshare owner out of $45,000

Authorities in the U.S are investigating after a timeshare owner says he was conned out of $45,000 in a devastating timeshare scam. The owner, who only wanted to be named as Ken, described how he was duped into handing over cash to a fraudster who contacted him out of the blue claiming to have a […]